Earlier this week we had the opportunity to tour Daniel Horowitz’ new exhibition, Totem & Taboo. The evening was arranged by NeueHouse, our creative industry partner, who whisked us away to historic Clinton Hill for an artist-led tour of the exhibition. Upon arriving to the Tillou Fine Art Gallery (which is located within a cozy brownstone) we were treated to cocktails and conversation about the processes and inspiration behind Horowitz’ art, which is a unique combination of realism and surrealist abstraction. Although Horowitz explained that his work explores the parallels between animist cultures and Freudian psychoanalysis, not a single cigar appeared on his canvases. Rather, faceless figures appeared on bizarre landscapes and body parts were twisted and stretched in vibrant hues. The intimate evening ended with a lively Q+A with attendees gathered in the living room of the home – a setting deliberately chosen for its parallels to childhood and family, just one of Horowitz’ Freudian tricks.

More information about Horowitz and his art can be found here.